Quality Assurance

Cert AGS-US083121-1 (1)

As an ISO9001 company. We value quality just as much as you do. All machined parts are rigorously check to meet engineering drawings. We guarantee quality that’s consistent and reliable. Our processes and procedures ensure that every batch is the same as the first batch. Inspection process is in place to guarantee customer satisfaction. As one of the few CNC machining companies to have most of our original customers from when we started, it’s easy to see why Advanced Tek is a leading name in machining for tech companies like yours.

Our Program


Beginning of job flow – After a quotation is accepted, and our customers have agreed to all terms and conditions given to manufacture a product, a job flow is being generated.

Acknowledge of P.O. – To confirm and execute a purchase order we’d always sign and fax back within the same day to reassure our customers of all terms and agreements set previously.

Issue of Shop Traveler – In order to keep track of the flow of each job, we are working to develop our own shop-flow traveler to help maintain and track work progress of each department. Each department leads will be committed to deliver the responsibilities listed on the traveler. Teamwork is fundamental.  It must be sound and cooperatively in our system.

Print release – All working copies of print is documented with authorized released stamp, including residing document control officer signature and dates, and is checked for official and correct part numbers and revisions.

Process planning & Programming – The actual machining process begins here at our engineering and programming department, where all aspects of manufacturing and machining are considered regardless of the product’s difficulty.

Use of Tools & Fixtures – We’re spending thousands of dollars in investing the right tools and the time to built fixtures that help producing quality part the first time. All tools and fixtures are labeled and tagged with assigned part’s and job’s # for future usage.

Recognizing critical dimensions – We look ahead into each part where dimensions play a critical role in producing a quality part. With the helps and teamwork of our entire crew, we are implementing a work in-progress inspection sheet attached to every traveler. It emphasizes critical dimensions and requires crew- members to check them at frequency during and after producing parts from machines.


Release of stock – When receiving materials, we mark and label each job number and part number according to material description listed on shop traveler. We try our best to keep track of left over material by encoding and assign stocking section which we keep record in our updated shop travelers. When a job is issued, material is released from our stock inventory control department, then attached with the traveler is given to the department lead that is responsible for that specific job.

Preparation of Tools & Fixtures – To ensure efficiency of the workflow, we have designated tool crib attendants to prepare good, quality tools and fixtures promptly before each job is due to production floor.

Setting up the 1st part – We have only qualified journeyman machinist to help produce our 1st set up part. We are willing to spend more time in perfecting our 1st part so that production run is maintained with the same level of quality as with our 1st part.

1st Article Inspection – All parts that are in progress operation must have passed our Q.A. department for a 1st article inspection. Each passing part will receive a green tag with part number, job number, date, and inspector approval signature. All documented and checked dimensions will be printed out and store in our document control department for future references.

Approval for Production run – Only part that has passed our Q.A 1st Article Inspection with proper and documented process is approved for production machining. The approving inspector shall coordinate with the department lead and provide all necessary information to help maintain and producing quality parts. 

In–progress inspection – Crewmembers is responsible to record and check production parts according to the In-progress inspection sheet within the traveler. The frequency and critical checked dimensions are listed and generated in the In-progress inspection sheet depend upon the degree difficulty of each job.

Closing machining log – We are creating friendly and bonded working environments by using inter-department logged book. Each logged book contains all current processed records, which keep track with the traveler, and for closing purpose of each job at each department.

Detail, Polish, & Cleaning – The most important process to help maintain our quality control is with detailing, polishing and cleaning our parts. This is where we spend pivotal time scrutinizing machined parts to finalize our production process. All parts are deburred, polished, and cleaned to our customer cosmetic standards and specifications.

Outside process – We only use certified outside service vendors that already have been approved by our customers to eliminate and prevent any unnecessary mishaps not under our controls. Services like welding, plating, grinding, etc.


Re-machining – In order to meet all critical requirements of our customers, we absolutely follow specific outlines given to manufacture the right part. That means if it takes extra time to set up and re-machining a surface to obtain a better finish, we would gladly proceed and provide our customers such standard of services.

Assembly – Beside our machining capability, we also provide complete manufacturing process including assembly. Standard practice of machining is applicable in this process, and quality and cosmetic appearances are still enforced by our team members.

Final Inspection – We have a full time inspector whose primary responsibility is to finalize 100 % inspection of all productions to be shipped out to our customers. This process provides re-assurance to all prior inspection processes. We keep all documentations of final inspection for future usage or per customer request.

Packaging & Shipping – We are doing as best as we could to deliver our parts on time to our customers. As soon as jobs arrived to our shipping department, parts are properly wrapped and covered to prevent breakage and physical damages, and usually being shipped the same day.

Accounting & Customer Service – We guarantee to our customers an excellent and courteous receptions and services in dealing with our customer representatives as well as our accounting personnel. It is our determination to keep and prolong the relationship with our current customers and hopefully with our customers reference we could be able expand our service to others as well.